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So continuing my research, i've found somes importants explanation about The Magic Circle..

Thanx to
Lithargoel for unvaluable work.

אהיה eheie -- "I am" or "I will be" ; Ehyeh asher ehyeh was the "I am
that I am" response that Moses received when he asked God his name.

כתר kether -- First sephirah, meaning "Crown" ; Divine Plan / Creator /
Infinite Light (Supreme / Total Consciousness)

היות haioth -- "living creatures"; I believe these are a class of created
beings around God's throne

חקדש hqedesh -- "holy" ; describing the haioth as an adjective

מטטרון metatron -- supposedly the highest of all angels, and the
celestial scribe that writes the deeds of Israel, according to Rabbinic
tradition - Zohar claims he lead them out of egypt

ראשית reshith -- means "beginning, germ, outset, source, start" ; the
'Primum' of 'Primum Mobile'

הגלגלים hagalgalim -- I think it means "wheels" from what I can find.
Suggests a link to the vision of the throne in Ezekiel, and the close
proximity to God of these names.

S.P.M (Sphere of the Primum Mobile) -- This indicates this grouping of
names as the most powerful.

יה yah -- shorted form of the tetragrammaton YHVH, a simpler name of God

חכמה chokmah -- The second sephirah, "wisdom" ; Divine Reality /
Revelation / Yesh me-ayin - being from nothingness (Power of Wisdom)

יופיאל jophiel /  רזיאלraziel -- I have a dilemma here. The picture of
the Circle in Sloane 2731 and the prayers has Jophiel in English, in
Crowley's he has put in Raziel. Raziel is a member of the Ophanim class
of beings, Jophiel is not. If this is a Crowley correction, it makes
sense to do this, but I wonder if Jophiel is there for a reason. Jophiel
is a companion to Metatron and a powerful chief of the Cherubim. If
anyone can clear this up for me, I'd appreciate it. At any rate, I've
included both names here.

עופנים ophanim -- class of beings that carry the throne of God.

מזלות masloth -- means "zodiac"

S. Z. -- Sphere of the Zodiac

יהוה jehovah -- the Tetragrammon, YHVH, sacred name of God, means LORD

אלהים elohim -- plural of Eloah, a divine name of God, possibly showing a
plural nature, or class of beings, even.

בינה binah -- third sephirah ; Understanding / Repentance / Reason (Power
of Love)

צפקיאל zaphkiel -- powerful angel ruling over Saturn

אראלים aralim -- "active ones", Thrones - a class of celestial beings

שבתאי sabathai -- "Saturn"

S.  ♄-- Sphere of Saturn

אל el -- name of God, "power"

חסד chesed -- fourth sephirah ; Mercy / Grace / Love of (intention to
emulate) God (Power of Vision)

צדקיאל zadkiel -- angel of freedom, benevolence, mercy. Chief of the
hasmalim class.

חשמלים hasmalim -- "brilliant ones"

צדק tzedek -- "Jupiter"

K: S. ♃-- Sphere of Jupiter (I don't understand the K, though.)

אלהים elohim -- as above

גבור gibor -- with elohim, means "almighty / strong / warrior or hero

גבורה geburah -- fifth sephirah ; Judgment / Strength / Determination
(Power of Intention)

שרפים seraphim -- sixed winged angels attending the throne of God.
Described in Isaiah 6. Supposedly highest rank of angels.

כמאל camael -- archangel that lead forces which drove Adam and Eve out of
the Garden.

מאדים madim -- "Mars"

S.  ♂ -- Sphere of Mars

אלוה eloah -- "a god", similar to 'allah'. Singular of Elohim. A strong
divine being / god.

ודעצ va-daath -- daath is "knowledge", the sephirah that is not a
sephirah. Eloah va-daath is "God of knowledge", a name associated with

תפארת tiphareth -- sixth sepirah ; Symmetry / Balance / Compassion
(Creative Power)

רפאל raphael -- shares the root word 'raophe' meaning doctor of medicine.
An archangel of healing.

מלכים malakhim -- plural of "angels".

שמש shemesh -- "Sun"

S.  ☉-- Sphere of the Sun

יהוה jehovah -- as above

צבאות tzabaoth -- "hosts", as in army. With jehovah, "LORD of hosts".

נצח netzach -- seventh sephirah ; Contemplation / Initiative /
Persistence (Power of the Eternal Now)

האניאל haniel -- from "joy" or "pleasure". An (arch?)angel associated
with netzach and Venus.

אלהים elohim -- as above

נוגה nogah -- "Venus"

S.  ♀ -- Sphere of Venus

אלהים elohim -- as above

צבאות tzabaoth -- as above. Together, "God of Hosts"

הוד hod -- eighth sephirah ; Surrender / Sincerity / Steadfastness (
Intellectual / Observational Power)

מיכאל michael -- warrior archangel, field commander / captain for the
army / hosts of God.

בניאלהים beni-elohim -- the "Sons of God / the gods" in Genesis who took
daughters of men as wives.

כוכב cochab -- "Mercury"

S.  ☿-- Sphere of Mercury

שדיאלחי shadai-el-chai -- root word shadad, "to overpower / destroy" -God as destroyer. "El chai" is living God. Almighty Living God.

יסוד yesod -- ninth sephirah ; Foundation/ wholly remembering/ coherent
knowledge (Power of Manifesting)

גבריאל gabriel -- a messenger archangel, also announcer. Possibly angel
of death.

כרובים cherubim -- winged class of beings. Ezekiel describes the cherubim
as a tetrad of living creatures, each having four faces: lion, ox, eagle,

לבנה levanah -- "Moon"

S.  ☽. - Sphere of the Moon


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